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How do I get a Quote?

There is more than one way to get a Quote from House Shop. Read below and see which you think will be easiest for you.



The easiest way to get a quote is to send us an email with a list of items you are thinking about. Use the website as a guide to finding the products that interest you. We will put the quote together for you on our side and send it back to you, for your approval. If you would like, request that we send pictures along with the Quote so that you can inspect the items on the Quote using the pictures.




This is the 24-hour solution. Unlike a lot of other stores, we put our prices on our site so that you can compare our prices easily. The website can be used to put together a quote but you cannot order through the website. You can get an idea of what you would like. We don't allow ordering through the website because these products are very technical and we prefer to make sure the products work together before they are ordered.




Some people prefer to call in because it's quicker. Once you call us we will write your list down and create a Quote for you. We'll then email you the Quote for you to look at and approve.



  Watch our quick presentation explaining How To Get A Quote from House Shop. Press play on the video below.